Indoor Shooting Ranges

Everything you need to know about our Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor Shooting with realistic but safe look and feel Shotgun, Rifle and Hand Gun.

Laser Shot built five challenging courses that will help any shooter further develop their technique while giving them the added pressure of a visual time clock.

Deep in the woods, your speed will be tested in Squirrel Hunter. As the squirrels dash up, down and across trees, shoot as many as possible in the allotted time limit.

Indoor Shooting Ranges Hunting Simulators are designed with input from Hunter Safety Professionals from around the world. Play fun Shooting Games or sharpen your shooting skills.

Laser Shot’s popular Practical Shooting software titles simulate real IPSC/IPDA competition courses complete with responsive shoot and no-shoot cardboard and steel targets. Now competitors and enthusiasts alike can experience the challenge of a professional shooting competition in the comfort of an indoor environment, avoiding range fees, bad weather, and long travel times.