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Club Fitting

Proper equipment is often overlooked, but can be a major factor in game improvement.

Fairways at the Stable is proud to be a D'lance Golf club fitting location. D'lance golf is a Golf Digest top 100 club fitter and all our equipment is built in their south Denver location. We use the Better Golf Faster software and have D’lance trained club fitters who work seamlessly with the south location.

90% of golfers are using clubs that are not properly fit to their swing. Through a unique partnership with D’Lance Golf, we provide tour level club fitting to golfers of all abilities.

Our proprietary seven step club fitting and club building system helps our customers not only get a better fit club, but a set of equipment that is built to their exact specifications. Our association with some of the top players in Colorado shows that the combination of great instruction and equipment that matches every unique swing profile can help golfers play better….faster.

All of our clubs are built at D’Lance Golf to the exact specifications that we fit you for and are accompanied with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Click here for more information about D’Lance Golf.

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Widely considered the industry standard in club delivery and ball flight analytics, Trackman is the preferred choice of top PGA tour, LPGA tour, Division 1 golf teams, top coaches, and all major club manufacturers. We utilize Trackman in our club fittings to better assess your equipment, which allows us create a club that performs the way that it should.

Click here for more information about Trackman.